We created Elevate U to Empower job seekers, employers, and educators by connecting them to a dynamic ALL-in-One platform for talent matching,accredited workforce training, and a talent pipeline to support business scale and growth.

Bevon Moore

Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Lead Designer
Entrepreneur focused on creative and innovative solutions for existing problems, bridging the gap between existing models and a new approach.
Founded: HASHTIV, Co Founded: Bit-trainer.

Derry Goberdhansingh

Chief Operating Officer
Leader in the development and implementation of AI-based fraud and cybersecurity systems, recommender systems, NLP, and object detection in video and geospatial systems across a variety of mobile and IoT devices; With over 20 years of experience in AI systems, software development, cybersecurity, strategy, and human capital across both government (federal and state) and commercial markets.
Founded: Harper Paige.

David Bray, PhD

Named top "24 Americans Who Are Changing the World" by Business Insider and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. Directed (1) teams of 600+ interdisciplinary professionals; (2) xxx-Million $ multi-year budgets; (3) White House & UN international activities on transnational threats & disruptive tech. Current Advisor to U.S. Department of Defense.
Leading Global, People-Centered, Data & Tech Ventures.

Alan Gonzalez

Chief Technology Officer
Appointed head of development for various projects for companies of high notoriety both in Mexico and the United States of America such as Discovery, Maqsa CAT, FEMSA, and many more.
Founded: HASHTIV, Co Founded: Bit-trainer.

Melanie Bikowski

Director of Public Affairs
Progressive and strategic Human Resources professional, who translates business vision into agile solutions in order to support a company's mission. By using a holistic and analytical approach, I have a successful track record of building lean processes to support a high-performance culture. Jane-of-many-trades by both accident and intent, my personal brand builds on rising to the challenge, empowering leaders, and an innate desire to learn.

Steve Farbstein

Visionary: My leadership experience enables me to see the big picture and paint it with you.
Passionate: Passion fuels productivity and creative ideas. I absolutely love what I do! It energizes me to invest in others and help them map out their own vision and strategy.